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Services Offered

Invest-to-Own Home Financing

Our proprietary equity-in-trust home financing method that enables home buyers and home owners to receive simplified qualification conditions, fair market rates, capital and cash benefits, flexible access to equity and early home ownership.

Down Payment Savings Plan

Even if you do not have enough money saved up yet to make your down payment, we offer a down payment savings plan that helps build up your deposit credit.

Viegage Lending Instrument

Our proprietary registered security used to provide innovative home financing to those seeking to buy a home or renew their home financing.

Default Insurance

Our home financing program allows our clients to benefit from built-in default insurance.

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Viegage Home Financing Features

Optimized Qualification

Build Equity, Not Debt

Hold an Asset, Not a Liability 

Save Time and Money

Earn Cash Distributions

Eligible Tax Deductions

Flexible Equity Access

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Home Finance Security

The Viegage is a registered security on title and an eligible financial security. The Invest-to-Own program also benefits our clients by having built-in default insurance.


Non-Restrictive Qualification Checks

As this program does not lend out mortgage loans, we qualify on investment metrics, not borrowing metrics.


Early Home Ownership

Due to compound portfolio growth and the underlying investment mechanics of the Viegage instrument, Invest-to-Own provides home ownership in approximately half the time.

10 - 25 % *

Down Payment


Coming Soon!


No Stress Testing

Our home finance model does not require rigid traditional qualification metrics like stress testing due to our participation in the program.

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Flexible Access to Home Equity

Although the Invest-to-Own model utilizes forecasted growth of the home's equity for affordable and early home ownership, the client will have flexible access to home equity for other needs ifthey desire.


Online Application Process

Our online member portal (available soon) allows clients a simple application process and accessible home finance profile.

3.5 - 6.5 % *

Viegage Rates


Coming Soon!

The Piece of the Financial Puzzle that You've Been Missing!

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