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Affordable Home Ownership in Half the Time

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Welcome to the Invest-to-Own Home Financing Model

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Delivering innovative home finance products to help home buyers qualify for affordable and flexible alternative financing.

What we do?

We provide home buyers with an alternative home buying method that improves qualification success, saves interest expense, shortens your lending term, and offers unique equity growth and income earning features not available anywhere else.

How we do it?

We purchase the home on your behalf and you own it in trust with us. You qualify, make a down payment, and make monthly payments, but instead of paying down a mortgage loan, your payments acquire you real estate investment trust units (equity credit), which serve to earn you accelerated capital growth, distributed earnings and eligible tax deductions. In a short period of time and with thousands less cash out of pocket, you can exchange your equity credit for clear title of your home.

"We participate in your home financing plan with you so you can unlock equity potential early and turn it into a working capital investment that offers significant savings and early home ownership."   -   CEO

Why we do it?

  • We are experiencing a home affordability crisis

  • Household debt-to-income is skyrocketing

  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion across all home buying segments

  • Address subjective disqualification standards, stress testing rejections, increased TDS ratios and market inflation

  • Unlocking equity to avoid locking into debt

  • Better allocation real estate investment dollars to benefit the retail home financing marketplace

  • Building sustainable financial ecosystem putting more control in the hands of the home owner

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Become a Real Estate Investor and a Home Owner at the Same Time!


Build Wealth

Save Money


Home Ownership is Closer than you Think!

"North America has one of the highest debt - to - income ratios per capita of the developing world... We need innovative financial solutions like Viegage to create a sustainable standard of living for the future."
- Trevor, BDO

"One of the most novel financial products I've seen since the mortgage! I see this unique style of home financing solution helping millions with home ownership and wealth generation."
- Maureen, Dominion Lending

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