Contributing to Gaia Financial and becoming an investor:

Contributing to the development of the Viegage home financing program makes you an investor in Gaia Financial! An incredible opportunity to support the changing landscape of the future of real estate finance.

In exchange for your contribution, you will become a shareholder of Gaia Financial Group, and receive the same benefits as our established development partners.

As a contributor, you shall receive cyclical distributions from net earnings, as well as exclusive news regarding the direction of our venture and exclusive opportunities for Viegage participation.


Your support is held at the highest regard for assisting us in pushing the boundaries of innovation in real estate, home financing and home ownership.


Your contribution is profoundly appreciated as it will be creating the foundation of the new home finance marketplace for all future generations of home buyers and home owners across North America.

Our team THANKS YOU deeply for your recognition that the mortgage industry and the conventional home ownership model is ripe for change. We honor your vote to help improve people's capacity for home ownership and improve people's personal wealth management policies.

Terms and Conditions of your participation will be sent to you.

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