Require Financing to Purchase Your Home?


Is Affordability or Qualification a Concern?

No Mortgage. No Hassle. No Debt.

What do you need?

A Home You Wish To Buy
 Down Payment
12 Months Proof of Income

What do you get?


The Number 1 Home Finance Product in the World.

Say goodbye to mortgages. Say goodbye to home finance debt.

viegage (n.) - The Viegage™, meaning "Life Pledge," is a shared equity home ownership program between a Home Trustor and a Home Beneficiary.

Fast Performance

Net positive returns on sale or clear title ownership in 10 years.*

Higher Returns

A home finance instrument that provides superior returns on your investment.

Financial Flexibility

Simple access to home equity, cash flow distribution, and other available real estate investment options.

Access Anywhere

Available online, and through traditional brokerage firms and realtors globally.

Equity. Not Debt.

A home financing instrument that builds equity and offers cash flow.

Lower Risk

Home value is protected and hedged by shared equity participation and an experienced asset management team.

Top Grade Security

A superior grade trading instrument with lower risk and higher liquidity.

Greater Efficiency

Minimal qualification, simple approval process, 100% home utility.

Default Insurance

A home finance instrument that offers default insurance and consumer protection.

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Learn All About the Advantages that the Viegage Has to Offer

Personalize Your Home Ownership Experience

Choose a Viegage option that fits you: whether you want the cheapest and most profitable home purchase option that doesn't involve debt, need to save up for your down payment, reduce monthly payments to help alleviate financial stress, want a trusted investment vehicle without the convolution of financial advisers and capital markets, or merely want the quickest path to home ownership.

Your Viegage™ Plan
Viegage™ vs Mortgage

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(Coming Soon!)


Dedication to Innovation

Our group is using existing corporate, financial and real estate infrastructure and a uniquely designed home finance instrument to offer our clients the best home ownership model on the market.
Whether you are a home buyer, an existing home owner, a real estate investor, a broker, or a real estate financier, our platform encourages financial independence and control, while delivering superior benefits to all of our stakeholders.
Born from necessity, our group wishes to give all members of our society the opportunity of affordable home ownership.

What People are Saying

The future of home ownership is here.

“An expert team with a grand vision that involves impact investing for a future of sustainable living and social freedom. Gaia has my vote for most disruptive company in real estate.”

Justin Khouw, Bold Properties

“This is one of those concepts you wonder why it has taken this long to explore. I've been a supporter from day 1 and can't wait to buy my first home using a Viegage and reap the life long financial benefits.”

Jerry Tenge, GRI, CCIM

“A social fin-tech with the momentum to change the home finance and real estate industries forever! It makes me happy to see hard working innovators tackling the home affordability and qualification problems.”

Christina Lafakis, Colliers Int.


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